Medical Marketing Caters to Mobile Users

Medical Marketing Caters to Mobile Users

Mobile is where your potential customers are. At the moment, it’s estimated that 57% of all online U.S. traffic actually belongs to smartphones and tablets. And these numbers are jumping up continuously. According to Statista, mobile data traffic across the world would increase nearly sevenfold by 2021. It’s estimated that at least one-third of all Americans live in a home with at least three mobile phones.

In addition, users spend 3.3 hours daily on their phones. This constitutes 56% of their entire digital content usage. Compared to all forms of media usage, mobile is the only growing form at the expense of all other forms of media, including TV, print, radio, and desktop computers.

The hard-to-reach millennial generation is even more attached to their mobile device. For instance, in 2016, a study showed that, on average, millennials spend 188 minutes per day on mobile, on tasks directly relating to the internet. In 2017, this number increased to 223 minutes per day.

People use mobile phones to access different services. They use it to access email, pay their bills, and many more. Many of them are looking for healthcare services using their mobile phones. They search on the internet about the doctors and clinics around them. They may also be looking to ask some queries. They may want to read some helpful tips about their health. So, there’s plenty of rush there in this regard. Therefore, it is important to bring these customers to your online platform and convert them into customers. This is what digital marketing is best; it caters to mobile phone users.

The Importance Of Reaching Mobile Users

All of these stats and figures stated above hopefully make you realize that, yes, your practice needs to optimize its online presence for mobile users — it is absolutely vital. It’s what will boost customer traffic, connectivity, trust, and communication. It’s what will make these customers take action to connect with you and avail your healthcare services.

Digital marketing is specifically oriented for mobile phones users. It makes your practice visible to those potential customers. Your website or social media platform should be responsive and designed professionally. People have plenty of work to do, and there is a chance they may click away in less than 10 seconds if your website is too slow or not optimized sufficiently. Don’t forget — every disconnected user is a lost customer, which is why digital marketing that caters to mobile phone users in your company’s mobile presence is crucial.

We’re experiencing a new world. And those hospitals, clinics, and doctors that are optimized and visible for mobile users are those that stand to gain the most in generating the revenue.

If you’re wondering how to attract mobile phone users, look no further. Digital marketing is the way and is going to connect your services efficiently with potential customers, i.e., patients.